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What It Means to Us to Deliver a Holistic Approach in Real Estate

Some brokers and agents use the term “holistic” in their professional titles, but it can have several connotations. At the Coleman Group, holistic means to take our clients’ lives into account – genuinely caring about people enough to dive deep into their passions, desires, and expectations.

Because purchasing or selling a home is an important life decision, one that demands love, care, and peace. Our approach helps home sellers and buyers enjoy the entire process and maintain a sense of wonder, joy, including appreciation throughout the process.

“We genuinely care about both buyers and sellers, and we strive to deliver a uniquely well-rounded approach to our business. We are not just about the transaction” – The Coleman Group, a team of top Boston Realtors.

What it Truly Means to be Holistic

In general, buyers and sellers want less stress and more joy, and that’s what a holistic approach to real estate delivers. To be a holistic realtor means serving more than financial and transaction needs. It means considering things, such as the person’s health, religion, culture, and mental well-being. That’s what we do at the Coleman Group before presenting our clients with a range of options.

We recognize the interconnected aspects of each situation and guide our clients through the real estate experience every step of the way. Without all of that special care and attention, purchasing or selling real estate can be a very stressful process for all parties – instead of a joyful experience.

We strongly believe that realtors or real estate agents that only focus on finding homes or selling one can’t serve their clients well.

The Benefits to Clients

For Sellers

We consider the home to be one with the owner, so we get to know them while identifying and addressing any potential bottlenecks along the way. We also take the time necessary to learn about the property and its history. All of this is done through interviews. From our initial consultation to the formation of strategy and more, we ensure the right steps are taken to reach success.

For Buyers

As with sellers, we learn everything possible about the client and listen to their dreams, including future desires.  We look beyond the number of garages, bedrooms, and bathrooms, diving deep into what the client envisions as a future home. By going through that process, we can efficiently locate the right home or property for the client – something that fits the desire and life set up, so the client is wholly fulfilled or satisfied.

The Client is Always the Focus

A home is more than the size or number of garages and bedrooms. Every home has certain traits that fit with its occupants, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the perfect property. The same goes for selling a home – each property requires a unique remedy for a successful sale.

Our holistic approach is driven by authenticity, passion, and love. The relationships that we’ve built with our clients is based on trust and will last a lifetime. We enable ease, joy, and celebrate their successes. For us, it’s not about the transaction, rather how we can help them achieve their dreams. That’s why many of our clients seek us out.

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