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What Are the Benefits of Using a Rotary Screw Air Compressor?

Many industries rely on air compressors to carry out operations. The two most common or primary air compressors are reciprocating (piston) and rotary screw air compressors. Both are good options for commercial and industrial businesses. However, this article will focus on the rotary screw air compressor and the benefits these machines offer.

Rotary screw compressors operate by trapping air between two meshed screw-shaped rotors and decreasing air volume as it moves through the machine. That results in the compressed air used to power pneumatic tools, inflate things (e.g., car tires, basketball, etc.), and many other applications.

Because the rotary screw air compressor utilizes a continuous sweeping motion to compress air, it can run non-stop for many hours – there’s little pulsation or surging of flow.

Who Needs a Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Many commercial industries or factories rely on rotary screw air compressors for consistent airflow to handle materials and equipment, such as jackhammers. These machines are common replacements for piston compressors in industrial or commercial settings, where significant volumes of pressurized air are required. If that sounds familiar, then a rotary screw air compressor might be right for you.

“There are many benefits that make rotary screw air compressors ideal for commercial and industrial applications (mobile or standalone)” – Hertz Kompressoren, a leading international compressor producer.

Benefits of Using a Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Here are some benefits of having a rotary screw air compressor over other types.

  • Built to last – If you own a rotary screw compressor, expect many years of service without significant issues; these machines can run non-stop for many hours.
  • Convenience – Rotary screw compressors can deliver air continuously for hours on end, making these machines incredibly convenient.
  • Powers demanding tools – The extremely high airflow provided by a rotary screw compressor is highly effective. These powerful machines are designed to power tools that consume or require more energy to run.
  • Easier to maintain – Many modern rotary screw compressors have fewer parts that require maintenance, lowering cost dramatically.
  • Tolerates extreme weather conditions – These machines can operate in harsh or rough environments, such as areas with high temperatures or energy limitations.
  • Runs quiet – Many rotary screw compressors have noise-dampening technologies, making these machines silent performers.
  • Reduced oil consumption – Oil-inject or flooded rotary screw air compressors require less oil than other machines and have minimum carryovers.
  • Energy saver – These machines are generally more energy-efficient than other types of air compressors and generate less heat.

The Wrap Up

Rotary screw compressors can deliver compressed air continuously and survive extreme conditions. That makes these machines well-suited for industrial applications. So it’s hardly any surprise that rotary screw compressors are often found in such establishments.

However, you’ll still find these machines in many commercial businesses across various industries. Industries that rely on these compressors include manufacturing, construction, agriculture, energy, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), to name a few. Lastly, rotary screw air compressors typically perform better than other kinds and occupy less space.

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