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This Week’s Top Stories About Home Design

Times change, and so does fashion — and that includes the trends in home design. People naturally want their surroundings to reflect their own taste and vision, but the 2021 Modsy Trend Report recently highlighted some significant shifts happening in home decor choices.

Comfort, Nostalgia, and Tradition Are Now in Style

Forget about sleek, ultra-modern designs, black and white decor, or industrial looks for your home. Those feel too cold and hard in uncertain times. People are looking backward in time and pulling elements from the past into the present when they decorate, instead.

Expect to see a lot of Cottage-core or “granny-chic” home decor styles that embrace a mix of furniture designed for modern comfort and functionality with old-fashioned touches like slipcovers, traditional patterns, flowered wallpaper, and antiques. You can also expect to see lighter wood furniture being used in place of cherry and walnut because light woods are easy to incorporate in rustic, homey styles.

There’s a bit of an 80s revival going on, too. Forget about “winter white” or “basic beige” on the walls and embrace bold colors like “Urbane Bronze,” the 2021 Color of the Year at Sherwin-Williams. Sculptural furniture, with all its drama, is also starting to be used again for both accent touches and statement pieces.

It May Be Time to Redesign the Home Office

The rapid shift to remote work in 2020 is driving one major trend that’s expected in 2021: The home office redesign. It’s hardly surprising since many people only kept their “home office” for backup on evenings and weekends. They never expected to be working there full-time.

Functionality is the primary focus of any home office design, but you can expect to see more of an emphasis on aesthetics than there was in the past. People want their home office to look (and feel) like it matches the rest of the home in both style and comfort.

Expect to see wooden shelving and bookcases, comfy loveseats and chairs, adjustable lighting, and lots of homey touches that convey the idea that the home office is still home.

Embrace Casual Eclecticism and Skip the Displays

People are moving away from looks that feel trendy, like having a wall full of mirrors, sudden pops of color in the upholstery of a single chair or some pillows in otherwise muted palettes, and big televisions displayed on the wall as a token of luxury.

Televisions, game systems, and other small appliances are being tucked into cabinets when they’re not in use so that they no longer dominate a room. Open shelving is also a thing of the past because they contribute to a messy, cluttered look unless they’re scrupulously maintained (and that’s too much work for most people).

A lot of these trends reflect the way that people are starting to focus more on home and family life and eschew the outside world and all its troubles. As they move into 2021, they are looking for ways to showcase their personal style without sacrificing their comfort. 

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