The Next Big Thing in Landscaping

Whether you are designing landscaping for a new build or simply updating your existing outdoor architectural gardens, you are probably curious about the newest landscaping trends for 2021.

Below are a few that we think might interest and inspire you for your own home, office, or other outdoor areas on your property.

Water Management Systems

Conserving water is very important, especially if you live in dry or drought-prone areas of the country. Water management systems that allow for remote irrigation are becoming quite popular for many homeowners.

Gone are the days of overwatered lawns and soggy flower beds. These irrigation systems can be controlled by a click on a smartphone or be incorporated into an overall smart home hub. Residents can turn sprinklers on remotely only when needed, thus bypassing the need for preset timers that can trigger watering even during the middle of a downpour.

Geometric Designs

Paved hardscapes utilizing different geometric shapes can artistically separate different outdoor spaces and garden areas. Think patios, walkways, and flower beds divided by geometric pavers in your choice of colors. This adds a decidedly modern look to any outdoor landscaping project.


Perhaps as a response to the annus horribilis of 2020, we are getting comfortable doing more with less. This trend is also reflected in landscaping, as the lines between indoors and outdoors have become blurred.

Conifers, ornamental shrubs, and many perennials have a stark, timeless beauty. If a minimalist look is what you want to reflect, consider also adding elements of either Japanese or Scandinavian landscaping

The eastern elements of flowing water can be represented by a fountain or koi pond, whereas Scandanavian touches include fanciful garden gnomes peeking around wild heather plantings.


Here, the famous architectural trope, “form follows function” still applies. By using cascading native greenery and strategically planted trees, you can create private spaces and carve out separate sections of your yard for individual uses.

Rosemary or sage hedges surrounding a fire pit is a wonderful choice. You can also break off a few aromatic sprigs to toss into the fire to give off a lovely scent.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

The best thing about outdoor landscaping is there are no rules. Feel free to be as creative as you desire. If you are dissatisfied with the results, landscaping is super easy to fix, adjust, and tweak the following season.

Enjoy your outdoor living space in 2021!

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