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Interior Design: Expectations vs Reality

Are you currently in the process of redesigning your home to look fancy and of top-class? Perhaps you’re thinking about adding marble countertops, fancy stairways, or hardwood floors. There is plenty to consider before moving forward with your interior design plans for your home. One of those key areas has to do with hiring an interior designer.

One common misstep in interior design is the gap between what you expect from designers and the reality of how things work. When people’s expectations are unfulfilled, they get upset. This is a common problem in any interior design relationship. To help close the gap between expectations and reality, these three great tips will help address just that.

Research The Work Of Your Designer

One of the first things you need to do to close that gap is to research the work of your designer. You want to be in step with their overall feel. To accomplish that, take the time to go through their past work. That way, you’ll be comfortable with how your home will look like. Although designers have experience with all types of design styles, most will be recognizable styles that make their designs recognizable.

Be Reasonable With Time Frames

Another thing to keep in mind is when we’re talking about time frames. Whether your designer is working on other projects or waiting on custom pieces, it’s important to be reasonable with expectations. One great perk of working with designers is the opportunity to have well-made furniture the way you envisioned it. 

At the same time, you want to be open-minded about the time frame it takes to complete a job. If you expect your designer to complete a stairway remodel within 4 weeks, let your designer know that. After that, listen to what they say even if told that it may not be completed within that time frame. This is crucial in maintaining a great relationship. On top of that, it gives you confidence that your design dreams will become reality.

Build Trust With Your Designer

Now comes a crucial part of bridging that expectation/reality gap which is building trust with your designer. You need to allow yourself to feel comfortable giving your designer the reigns to make those crucial choices. The way you do that is by voicing your input about your personal needs. You also want to keep in mind their past experience in making homes like yours the best it can be. That way, your two-way communication with your designer will go smooth and with ease.

At the same time, you also want to be clear and decisive about what you want and expect. It can feel uneasy asking for exactly what we want. It can also make you feel concerned about hurting the designer’s feelings. In the end, your relationship with the designer will be much better by being upfront with them throughout the process. Taking these steps will help make the design project be a successful one.

Closing The Expectations Vs Reality Gap Helps Lead To Success

Without a doubt, taking these three crucial steps in addressing the expectation/reality gap will reap great rewards. Not only that, it will help strengthen your relationship with your designer. All these steps together will play a vital role in making your home design plans a success. In the end, you will see your dreams of a much better home come true.

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