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Interior Decorating for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us in all their splendor. For most of us, that means it’s time to start decorating the house for the season. Whether you will be pulling the boxes of holiday gear out of the attic or basement or shopping online or in stores for your decorations, below are some suggestions for sprucing up your home.

Start with a Wreath

A lovely wreath affixed to the front door is an old holiday tradition that dates back to the 16th century. When the Christian Germans cut limbs off the first Christmas trees so they would fit through their doorways, these frugal folks saw no need to waste the extra greenery. Instead, they wound it into holiday wreaths or made dangling garlands for mantels and doorways.

You can do much the same with live greenery or purchase a pre-made wreath. Tuck a jaunty red plaid ribbon on it, and you have the basics covered. Of course, there are many other versions of wreaths from which to choose.

To go with a rustic look, you can twist native branches into a circle and add sprigs of greenery and red berries. If you’d like a more modern touch, buy a silver or white holiday wreath studded with blue bulbs.

Accent with Heirlooms

You may have been lucky enough to inherit some lovely handmade quilts from a grandmother or were bequeathed her heirloom china, crystal, and silver. But if you are like most of us, there just are not that many opportunities to use these special pretties.

Polish Grandma’s silver salver until it shines. Then, tie small green and red bows around the stems of the crystal wine glasses and arrange them on the salver. There’s something about drinking wine out of real crystal that makes it taste even better!

But you don’t have to have expensive heirlooms to include with your holiday decorations. A colorful hand-sewn heirloom quilt folded over an antique chair can become a signature holiday decoration you include each year. For an added touch of nostalgia, lean an old wooden sled up against the chair.

Go for an Ultra-Modern Vibe

If you prefer your holidays to reflect the modern décor of your home, more minimalist and sleek holiday decorations can be just as welcoming. Pile an array of gold, white, silver, and blue holiday balls in a silver bowl. 

Place it on a table flanked by flickering white pillar candles. To make it even lovelier, hang a rectangular or oval mirror on the wall behind it.

Light It Up

Once you’ve finished, add small crystal lights to the decorations. That’s a fine way to make sure that Santa knows to stop by your house as he makes his yearly rounds.

May your holidays shine brightly this year!

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