Important Considerations For Choosing Window Frames

Looking to upgrade your windows for your home or business? As you meet with a glass glazing company, always seek glass quality options that best fit your needs. Not only that, but you should also choose window frames that will help make your home more comfortable. 

Today, we’ll discuss the different types of window frame materials and how they can benefit you.

Vinyl Frames

Vinyl frames are one of the best options for window frames. A big reason why is that these frames are affordable and pretty much require very little maintenance. They also provide you with these three great benefits to help advance your cause.

  • Great moisture resistance
  • No painting required
  • UV resistant PVC

You can also insulate them to improve energy efficiency for your home or business.

While vinyl frames have their benefits, they also have their drawbacks. Vinyl can be sensitive to temperature shifts which can cause windows to expand and contract. This can lead to seal drafts and deteriorate over time. If you choose to go with vinyl frames, make sure to have them resealed and recaulked regularly.

Wood Frames

Wood frames are popular among homeowners for three key reasons.

  • Can match any architectural style
  • Energy efficient
  • Warm appearance

With wood window frames, they do come at a high cost and require lots of maintenance.  To prevent wood rot and insect infestation, they’ll need to be regularly scraped and painted. This will ensure that the wood frames are durable and effective.

Fiberglass Frames

These types of frames bring you the same strength as wood. Since fiberglass has insulation capacities, they tend to have better thermal functions than wood or vinyl.

Fiberglass is mainly used for commercial buildings rather than homes. A big reason is that they’re more costly than other window frames. They also come in fewer sizes and features than with other types of frames.

When deciding to invest in fiberglass, make sure that it will be the best fit for your home or business.

Composite Frames

Composite frames come from strong materials and are even more durable than wood. These window frame types are made from plastic and wood particles. They’re at times known as the best window frame option for three big reasons.

  • Has similar energy efficiency to vinyl.
  • Little maintenance needed
  • Offers the same strength as wood. 

One downside is that it can come at a high cost. That’s why you want to make sure that composite frames will serve both your short-term and long-term needs.

Metal Frames

As for metal frames, they provide you with these great benefits for your home or business.

  • Lightness
  • Low cost
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Strength

Since these window frames are made of metal, they tend to conduct heat more quickly. This makes metal frames a poor insulator.

To address this, you’ll want to install a thermal strip between the frame and the wood. This allows you to reduce the thermal load and helps your home or business to be better insulated.

Seek High-Quality Window Frames When Consulting With A Glass Glazing Company

Before consulting with a glass glazing company, always keep the pros and cons of each window frame in mind. As Desert Empire Mirror & Glass recommends, “Always make durability, efficiency, and function a top priority when choosing window frames.”

By following these tips, your investment in high-quality window frames will pay off in the end.

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