Creating the Perfect Custom Glass Table Top

Creating The Perfect Custom Glass Table Top

Are you in the process of considering custom glass table tops for your home? Custom glass tabletops can bring your home many benefits. They help make your room clearer and appear bigger than it actually is. You also would get to show off the base of tables with glass tabletops. In addition, they help protect furniture with softer woods that can become easily damaged without hiding that pretty surface.

Indio, California’s finest custom glass glazing company Desert Empire Glass & Mirror once said,  “You want glass table tops that are clear, sturdy and show off your table and surroundings.” These steps below will help guide you in creating quality custom glass table tops for your home.

Measure The Area You Wish To Cover With Glass

Before contacting a custom glass glazing company, you need to first measure the area you want your glass to go. For square and rectangular tables, measure both the width and length. For round glass table tops, measure across its widest point. This helps your custom glass glazing company create perfect-sized glass tabletops exactly how you’d like it.

Decide On A Glass Edge

Another key step to creating top-notch glass table tops is to decide on a glass edge that’s best for you. There are many options to choose from such as flat, pencil, bullnose, mitered, OG, bevel edges, and more. It’s advised that you contact a glass glazing company if you feel overwhelmed in choosing from all these options. A professional will help you decide which is best for your needs.

Prepare The Base Of The Table

You also want to prepare the base of the table before installing the table. That way your glass tabletops will be level. This can be done by sanding or creating a frame from wood to set your glass into. 

You also want to figure out where the holes need to be made to secure the glass to your base. Depending on the base, you might be able to use suction cups to attach the glass to your base. If it’s a wood frame, you can just set your glass into the frame.

Clean The Table Before Installing

Before you even think about installing any glass tabletops, it is crucial that you clean it first. A big reason for that is that once the glass is settled, cleaning underneath will be an extremely tall task. That is why you want to give your glass tabletops a thorough cleaning.

Use Clear Pads Between Table Top And Glass

A crucial thing that you don’t want to happen is for water to get between the glass and the tabletop. This could cause huge damage to your table. This is why you need to apply clear rubber pads or bumpers between the two surfaces. This will help keep water from getting in between.

Careful Planning Makes For Perfect Custom Glass Table Tops

No doubt that careful planning alongside great execution will help lead to perfect custom glass table tops for your home. Glass tabletops will indeed help give your home that big and clear feeling. Definitely, something to consider when hiring a custom glass glazing company like Desert Empire Mirror & Glass. You’ll be glad you did when you have quality glass tabletops to complement your lovely home.

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