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5 Ideas You Can Steal For Your Holiday Landscape Design

Thanksgiving week is now behind us which means that Christmas is just around the corner. This means that you’ll want to make your home look fabulous. A great way to do that is to have the appropriate holiday landscape design for your home.

Doing a landscape design for the Christmas holidays can be tricky. The reason that’s the case is that you want to ensure your plants and decor resonate with each other. These five great ideas will help go a long way in making your landscape design a Christmas special.

Pine Cones

One of the biggest signs that tell you Christmas is coming is when you see pine cones all around you. Pine Cone decorations are a simple and joyful way of bringing that holiday joy to your home. Pine cones will go great in your yard or patio. They can also be added to decorative vases and containers alongside ornaments and candles. Add white, gold, and silver paint together for a nice arrangement that brings that holiday spirit to our hearts.


Decorating hedges is another cool idea in bringing in that holiday joy to your neighborhood. Hedges are easy for any string lights to be placed on thanks to their appearance and size. Put any pattern of light that celebrates the holidays your way and the hedges will be there to complement them.


Long garlands, especially those made from fresh greenery, are a festive landscape design for the holidays. These would go perfect when lined on doorways, porch posts, windowsills, and porch railings. At the same time, they make great garden and patio accents. Garlands are indeed a simple but festive way of bringing home that holiday feel.


Another simple, but creative landscape design idea that will bring that holiday feel to your home is a wreath. You can never go wrong with a fresh-cut evergreen made a wreath. Adding ornaments like bird figurines help add some personality to your wreath. Non-traditional materials like grapevine will also help your wreath breathe in new life into your outdoor setup.


Last but not least, the winterberry is a special scrub that helps brings life to your winter landscape. The leaves fall away late in the year leaving only these bright red berries. These winterberries go a long way in filling the void in the leafless trees. A great plus is that winterberries help attract birds giving your landscape a welcoming holiday scene.

Great Landscape Designs Make Your Holidays A Festive One

Great holiday landscape designs help make your home as festive from the outside as it is inside. On top of that, it helps bring in a friendly and welcoming scene for you and others to enjoy during the holiday season. These ideas are something to keep in mind when deciding how you want your landscape to look like. Without a doubt, it will be a landscape you will be proud of.

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